Structural Collapse Rescue
NFPA 1670 Standard. All responders should consider this course.  
Understand the hazards associated with structural collapse and what you
need to know to handle an incident and what requirements you should
consider when developing a Collapse Response Team.  Considerations
for local, state and federal response teams will also be discussed. NFPA
standards and minimum requirements for various levels of response
Prerequisite:    None

Equipment Requirements:
Lightweight Climbing or Fire
Helmet                                                                                       Safety Glasses
Full-body harness (class III)
Leather gloves

NFPA 1670 Objectives: Structural Collapse
At the conclusion of this course, students will:
•        Understand the general hazards associated with structural collapse
incidents including the recognition of applicable construction types and
categories and the expected behaviors of components and materials in a
structural collapse.
•        They will be able to recognize and assess potential conditions at a
structural collapse incident, as well as identify the resources necessary
to conduct safe and effective structural collapse search and rescue
•        They will learn procedures for conducting visual and verbal
searches at structural collapse incidents, including the FEMA Task Force
Rescue Marking System, Building Marking System, Victim Marking
System and Structure Marking System.
•        Students will also discuss development and implementation of
procedures for carrying out the emergency response system as well as
site control and scene management.
•        An overview of removal of readily accessible victims from
structural collapse incidents will be included, as a preview of skills
learned in the Operations level courses.
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