Fire & Safety Operations Training
for Motorsports Venues
operations at Motor sports Venues. Topics covered include proper
selection, use and maintenance of PPE, proper selection and use of fire
extinguishing equipment, minimum staffing and equipment requirements,
techniques. There will also be live fire training and extrication evolutions
using actual race cars for the students to utilize cooperatively their new

Full PE required.

One Day Class
1st Four Hours - Classroom  
2nd Four Hours - Demonstrations

Two Day Class
1st Day - Classroom & Demonstrations
2nd Day - Rollover Simulator & Live Fire Evolutions

Students will be able to:

Identify the different types of motor sport venues to include track
operation and vehicles.
Identify the proper personal protective equipment required for first
Identify the different extinguishing equipment used at motor sports
Demonstrate the techniques for extinguishing the different fires
encountered at motor sport venues.
Identify and demonstrate the techniques and equipment used in
extricating drivers from their vehicle.