This one day course is intended to familiarize Hazardous Materials Responders
with cargo tank identification and the fittings and equipment found on them.
Proper handling of these cargo tanks and fittings will be discussed along with
the flammable properties of the products these tankers transport.
When Hazardous Materials are involved, proper safety can be assured only by
the hazards of the situation. We must be familiar with the material and
equipment involved in the release or problem. We must have the proper tools
and protective gear.

The great majority of responses involving hazardous material cargo tanks
consist of nothing more than a leaking or damaged valve. Armed with basic
hazardous material knowledge and the details communicated in this course, it
should be possible to make a correct and safe response to problems
associated involving a release from a cargo tank.

•        To present safety considerations involving fuel tank trucks.
•        To describe the structural and safety features of fuel tank trucks.
•        To present the common types of incidents that can occur.
Fuel Tanker Emergencies