Hazardous Materials Ethanol Emergencies
This class provides basic information about the production, transportation,
distribution and use of Denatured Alcohol (E-95) and Ethanol (E-85) to all
firefighters whether or not they have a production facility in their response
area.  The focus is for all firefighters, since Ethanol will be found in all
communities. Those who protect production facilities need additional specific
information related to such plants and processes.

The course covers topics relating to E-85 such as chemical and physical
properties, Terminology, production, transportation, distribution, fire and health
hazards, spills and the ramifications, sources of additional information and fire
fighting considerations and procedures.

The participant shall be able to describe and demonstrate the following.
•        Identify the locations of ethanol production in and near your department’s
response area.
•        Identify the common hazardous substances along with their chemical,
physical and health hazards that may be found at a typical ethanol production
o        Ethanol
o        Gasoline
o        Sulfuric Acid 98%
o        Sodium Hydroxide 50%
o        Anhydrous Ammonia
o        Chlorine

•        Identify the type and typical size of fixed storage containers common to
these facilities.
•        Identify safety and containment features at the ethanol plants.
•        Describe and identify the steps in analyzing and planning a response at
the operations level to an emergency release at a facility.
•        Describe and identify defensive tactics to contain emergency releases at
the facilities.
•        Demonstrate the ability to extinguish flammable liquid fires with
equipment available to jurisdiction.
•        Identify the common types of transportation cargo tanks and tank cars
used to transport  hazardous materials to and from the ethanol facilities.
•        Describe the importance of pre- planning at the ethanol facility and
common transportation routes by highway and rail carriers.
Ethanol Emergencies