Professional Rescue Innovations
School Bus Extrication
introduce the students to what they may encounter at a school bus accident, and
accurately, working effectively to save lives in a large frame vehicle type, and
understanding the different dynamics of an incident involving large number of
children.  Students will gain valuable knowledge and skill techniques with the
under supervision of the instructor.
under supervision of the instructor.

The content will meet NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670 requirements.

The objectives of the course include:
  • •        Familiarization with the different types and how to read their special
  • •        Construction materials, methods, regulations, durability
  • •        Key safety Features
  • •        Visible Landmarks
  • •        Special consideration for fuel types, engine placement, rollovers
  • •        Designed and forcible entry points
  • •        Recognize the need for S.T.A.R.T. Triage System
  • •        Understand the special medical needs associated with bus accident
  • •        Patient Extrication Techniques
  • •        Identify early in an incident the resources involved due to the MCI
  • •        MCI scene layout considerations
  • •        Utilization of additional resources
  • •        Demonstrate proper patient packaging and removal techniques
  • •        Personal impact on rescuers.

Target Audience:
  • •        Fire Fighters
  • •        Law Enforcement
  • •        Emergency Medical Personnel
  • •        School Officials and Bus Drivers (classroom session and observation of
    Hands-on evolutions)

Equipment Needs:
  • •        School Bus for the hands-on portion of the class.
  •                This bus would be scrapped after the class.
  • •        The ability to have a walk through of the buses in their response district.
  •                Could be one bus or visit the school’s bus barn.

PPE Requirements:
  • •        Helmet, Protective Hood, Coat with liner, Pants with liner, Fire fighting     
    Boots, Gloves, and Safety Glasses or Goggles
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