Hybrid Vehicle Training
extrications. Emergency personnel will be educated on the
unique dangers surrounding these vehicles and how to minimize
the risk to both themselves and victims. From an in-depth look at
the technology in hybrids to response procedures, this training
covers everything needed to operate safely and effectively
around these vehicles.
This training program is tailored to the departments hours and
will include a PowerPoint presentation, a quick-reference sheet
on current hybrid models will be distributed to the students.

Class Topics:
         Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles
         Identification Methods: Formal/Informal
         Hybrid Vehicle Systems
         Gasoline Engine
         Electric Motor & Generator System
         High Voltage Batteries
         Electrical Distribution System
         Systems Operation
         Gasoline Engine & Electric Motor Relationship
         General Hazards
         High Voltage Hazards
         Battery/Chemical Hazards
         SRS Hazards
         Standard Gas Engine Hazards
         Safety and Response Procedures
         Vehicle Accidents and Extrications
         Vehicle Fires
         Submerged Vehicle